Book Review “Scrum – Agiles Projektmanagement erfolgreich einsetzen” By Roman Pichler


Scrum is a well-known agile software development methodology. As usual, I bought this book in my local book store before boarding the plane to the United States. I enjoy reading books while travelling. This was the perfect setting to read this book.


If you’re new to Scrum, this book is a good place to start learning the principles behind Scrum. Although I’ve already gained experience in using Scrum, this book helped me filling some knowlegde gaps. The author gives practical advice on how to use Scrum in your team. Also, he describes the key elements of Scrum, such as the Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective in a very detailled way. You gain insight in the way others pracise Scrum at work. Often the author references to other publications, which allows you to do further research on the topic, if interested. What I’ve found quite interesting, is the fact, that a lot of those lean production and Scrum fundamentals come from the automotive industry, especially Toyota. Therefore, the author often references to the way things are done at Toyota. 🙂

While chapters one to seven focus on the basics of Scrum, chapter 7 focuses on how to work using Scrum in distributed and larged projects. Chapter 8 gives examples on how to establish Scrum in your company (some ideas, how to proceed, etc…).


The style of writing is very clear and therefore easy to read. It is well-structured and worth its price. This book, written in German, gives a compact introduction to Scrum on 180 pages.

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